Prinect Prinance - The Management Information System from Heidelberg

Prinect Prinance is Heidelberg’s answer for reliable estimation and order management. Prinect Prinance supports all business processes in print shops, from customer inquiries to invoicing.



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+ Features

  • open interfaces to other systems (JDF/JMF, Host-Interface, Paper Suppliers, Financial Accounting)
  • clearly organised
  • up-to-the-minute information on jobs and customers to support
    decisions by management
  • highly flexible: can be customised to accommodate to existing
    working routines
  • cutting-edge technology
  • highly integrated to Heidelberg production equipment
  • integration via industry standard JDF
+ Customer Relationship Management

  • Creditworthiness checks
  • Quick customer information
  • Provides all information on a customer:
    • address data
    • delivery addresses
    • various contact individuals
    • customer specific terms of payment
    • limits on outstanding item
    • discounts

+ Materials Management

  • Management of stocked supplies and finished goods
  • Administration of stocked paper
  • Integrated ordering function based on current production schedule
  • Administration of merchandise and consignment stocks
  • Up-to date paper prices
  • Daily paper ordering list for just in time availability -> reduces
    capital lockup.Import of paper vendors price list
+ Job Costing

  • Follow-up costing of jobs with valuation of actual data.
  • Includes statistical costing functions to supplement plant data
    collection and evaluation of orders
  • Prinance includes a browser based SFDC tool (Shop Floor Data
+ Benefits for the customer

  • consistent software support to simplify all business processes from
    selling to shipment
  • precise estimating and follow-up costing of every job
  • transparent job and customer information
  • information-supported management decisions (reports and statistics)
  • support for customer relationship
  • well-organised correspondence that enhances customer company’s image
  • fast processing of request for quotation
  • lean business processes => saves time and money
+ Data formats

These data formats are used by Prinance…

… when exporting information:

  • JDF/JMF (electronic job ticket; messages)
  • Word *.doc (correspondence documents)
  • HTML (electronic job ticket)
  • Host Interface (electronic job ticket)
  • PDF (electronic job ticket, correspondence documents)

… when importing information:

  • JDF/JMF (RFQs from 3rd party systems; feedback from
  • XML (RFQs from 3rd party systems)
  • Host Interface (feedback from production)

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