Systec is a comprehensive MIS (Management Information System) / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System specifically aimed and written at the Flexo & Narrow Web market.

Systec is not a financial system, but a MIS/ERP System that will compliment any financial system.  From Estimating, Sales, Production, Bill of Materials, Costing, Debtors and Interface to your current financial system, Systec will complete your workflow specific to your company and industry.

System functionality

- Most features within Systec is User definable and parameter driven
- Due to constant development to the software Systec strives to cater for all aspects and requirements of the Flexo and narrow web industry
- Should Specific requirements be needed, Systec are able to accommodate most of these requests and requirements as Systec is written and maintained in South Africa.


- All modules are complimented by standard, Statistical and Management Reporting.
- Reports can be customized and additional reports added as per the requests of the customers.
- Reports can be written to PDF and distributed within the company
- Reports are date based, and will allow reporting on all history to current data
- ERP/Sales
- -
Statistics & Hit rates
--- Sales Forecasting
--- Tendencies, reminders and seasonal forecasting

Please click on the modules below for more information:

+ Estimating

  • Fully user definable parameter driven Estimating
  • Specific to Flexo and narrow web industry
  • Fast, accurate and user friendly security driven operation
  • Complete history with Audit trail per transaction
  • User defined access and early warning features
  • Integration and management to all areas of production and equipment
  • Product driven estimating allowing for accurate and easy order generation
  • Comprehensive management reporting and statistics
  • Specific and Contract Pricing
+ Hourly Cost Rates
  • Comprehensive hourly cost rates calculator.
  • Based on the guidelines of Absorption costing this modules apportion overheads into factory specifications and capacities to calculate required hourly rates, hours for accurate estimate calculation in order to cover the required CTO (Contribution to overheads).
  • Easy to maintain budgets, forecasts and “what if” scenarios
+ Costing (Estimated vs. Actual)

  • Two way communication between Estimating, Production and Costing
  • Material analysis
  • Labour analysis
+ Production

  • Work on Hand / Work in Progress
  • Production control and Job Tracking
  • Machine Loading

- DeliveryElectronic Delivery module with two way communication to Estimating and Production for accurate Work on Hand / Work in Progress and history information

+ Stock Control / Bill of Materials

  • Integrated Order and stock control for raw materials and Finished Goods
  • Integrated to Estimating/Production for fast access and ordering
  • Update to Costing for Actual usage
  • Export transactions to financial package for payments and ageing
  • Job and Reel optimization for Paper ordering


+ Invoicing
  • Electronic Invoicing module with two way communication to Estimating and Production for accurate Work on Hand / Work in Progress, Sales forecasting and history information
  • Batch export to financial package, from where financial package will continue with Statements and ageing.
  • Invoice register and two way communication between Sales, Production to ensure fast, accurate and complete invoicing (To ensure all sales orders are invoiced)



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